So long, Google Reader: Reeder for iPhone gains Feedly and Feed Wrangler support as ecosystem resets

Daniel Bader

July 2, 2013 9:45am

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Google Reader is dead, and in its wake is the result of four months of feverish coding and shifts in user behaviour. A service that many relied on since 2005 (including us), Reader’s shutdown brought about promises of brand new products and re-workings of existing ones.

What we have now is perhaps the most exciting time for news reading and consolidation in online history. The cobwebs have been cleared and prospective winner Feedly stands proudly in the victor’s seat. Promising a robust, free cloud syncing platform that has been integrated into many mobile apps such as Press and gReader for Android, and now the de facto iPhone news feed app, Reeder, has been updated with Feedly support.

Also added to Reeder is Feed Wrangler support, a paid service started by long-time iOS developer, David Smith. With the two new additions, Reeder now supports five RSS feed possibilities: Feedbin, Fever, Feedly, Feed Wrangler and local RSS syncing. Because three are paid (Feedly has yet to launch a premium service, but it’s coming), the most popular will most likely continue to be Feedly.

Importing your feeds is as easy as signing in with your current Google Reader account; all your feeds and categories will copy over in tact. Reeder for iPad and OS X have been removed from their respective app stores because they support none of these new services, and will only return once they do.

Reeder is currently free for all iPhone users, so now is a great time to pick it up and test its simple, manageable interface.

Download Reeder for iPhone.

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