Facebook 5.0 for Windows Phone 8 leaves beta with overhauled interface and improved performance


  • Francis Pelland

    Lame. What is the reason for Canada not to get this?

    I stand corrected, appears that I get the version of 7.5 showing up in the marketplace when I go to Canada.

  • Guest

    It appears that they just pulled it, the link is now showing the older version.


    Downloaded it just now here in Canada on the 520 Nokia gave me & it looks so much better but they need to lose that stupid bottom bar, it’s pointless. Place that crap in the sidebar so users have more usable space. I’ll have to try it out some more but so far seems like a huge improvement over the crap they had before. Now just hope clicking on notifications actually bring you to the conversation not just the persons wall or page and then you had to find what conversation the notification was from. Still not a fan of WP but this could help it.


    I’ve been using the Beta version for a few months and the final product is a world of better than the original FB WP App. Good job Microsoft! Just make sure you keep updating with enhancements now.