BBM for iOS and Android will be available “before the end of the summer”

Ian Hardy

June 28, 2013 8:29am

For those millions of eager iOS and Android users who are dreaming of a day that you’ll be using BBM on your device you’ll have to a bit longer. During the quarterly call, CEO Thorsten Heins stated that BBM for iOS and Android will be released “before the end of the summer.”

At BlackBerry Live the company announced that the app will be launch ‘sometime this summer,’ so technically they are on track to deliver. The app will be free and compatible on devices running iOS 6 and Android OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher. BBM for iOS and Android will initially be limited to messaging and groups at launch, then will receive an update with other popular BlackBerry features such as BBM Voice, screen share, and the BBM Channels.

  • Max Fireman

    First it was going to be available “this summer”. Now it is coming “before the end of this summer”. Hmmmm I also read today “BlackBerry reports first-quarter net loss of $84 million”. Not looking bright Blackberry

    • jroc

      Is “before the end of this summer” still not “this summer”? They never gave a firm date, like the article says, they’re on track to deliver when they said they would.

      They’ve also reduced their losses from $518MM to $84MM compared to Q112. So, I would say it’s looking much brighter than it was a year ago.

    • ITCanWork

      Here here. I prefer to wait for a good final product then something rushed out. Blackberry is known for security, and they can’t take any chances of diminishing that reputation.

    • Bbrysucks

      Sorry, but a good product is not one of bbry’s strengths.

    • BlackBerryBlink

      As much as I know about the calendar i’m pretty sure that “this summer” and “before the end of this summer” are both still within the time frame of “this summer”… so nothing has really changed there.

    • Max Fireman

      Well it sure fooled me. What ever happened to that 27th of june release date?

    • alphs22

      1) That was a rumour that BBRY denied
      2) That date would still fall under “before the end of the summer” timeframe

    • jb

      Just get off the internet….at least for a day…so you can regain your comprehension skills..

    • BlackBerryBlink

      A carrier announced that… not BlackBerry.. and BlackBerry immediately denied that the statement was true.

    • le10017

      I came here thinking the same thing, Max. Ready to say that BB is late again with their delivery dates. I dug a little more, and as already mentioned by some, it was a rumored date. So, i’ll cut them slack here.

      However,,,i will not cut them slack for not delivering BB10 on my playbook. Until that happens, i’m never buying a BB device again.

    • le10017

      HA…just read they already announced there will be no BB10 for the playbook. Lovely.

    • Kyle

      they PROMISED bb10 for the playbook, they would be making a lot of customers unhappy if they went back on that

    • Dom

      BB refuted that rumour long ago Max. That was a slip by an over enthusiastic employee…..who probably is no longer employed.

    • Plazmic Flame

      End of Summer = Last Week of August

  • Dave Grant

    Hoping hangouts adds sms integration sooner.

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    Before the end Again the drop the ball should ready end of May People want to be out and talk to friends This why Stop buying there crap

    • ToniCipriani

      RIP English.

    • HiKsFiles


      For a second, I thought I could no longer understand English.

    • Mark


    • jroc

      After I read that, I thought for a second that I may have just had a stroke.

    • vn33

      Did you use Google translate ?

    • Akinade W. Adeleye

      simply hilarious.

    • Dom


  • Twonald

    i would be so excited…..if this had come out 1 or better yet 2 years ago when i knew people who still had blackberrys (or is it blackberries?)

    • AnotherBillJ

      You should see many of those people coming back to BlackBerry very soon.

  • Greg

    One less reason to carry a Blackberry.

  • X.

    LOL at people defending BlackBerry who just confirmed that their promise of releasing BB10 for the Playbook was a lie. He probably means next summer, or summer on another planet or something…

  • Zee

    This should have been done in 2008

    • AnotherBillJ

      Why? Things were going well for BlackBerry back then. Since losing some marketshare, BlackBerry has introduced BB10 which is the best OS introduced by the company. Now is the time to take advantage of the momentum generated by BB10.

      BTW, have you heard of BBM Channels? Bye, bye Twitter. 🙂

  • Jason

    I was looking forward to BBM but whoever I talk to don’t care about it as Whatsapp has taken BBMs place and I don’t see then switching to BBM unless whatsapp give them reason too and I don’t see any reason. BlackBerry shot themselves not releasing this app earlie and now myself BlackBerry lover don’t care about BlackBerry. It’s quite sad but it’s true.

    • Liam Nixon Nickson

      BBM is free and works loads better than whatsapp

    • Dom

      Whatsapp has more users than BBM but it has not taken BBM’s place. There are still 60 million monthly users on BBM so its not a dead platform.

  • anu

    whattt for android os 4.0 🙁 im so sad, mustly can operate on os 2.3 and higher, im so sad blackberry corporation 🙁

  • hyperhyper

    it will nice to have a unified and fast option to SMS. I was hoping that Android would have come first but BBM has a strong rep – hope it works out.

  • Haxor99

    Why do they take so long to do anything good!?!?

  • Forever.Yours

    Blackberry full of s**t thats why they always behind dont mention something if you know you cant live up to your promises!!! I strongly believe blackberry is having second thoughts summer already started no bbm now before summer end really? This wont even interest people no more they dont even keep us updated we just receiving responses from may!! 2 more days would be july blackbery sucks!!

  • PT

    He lied once, why not again?

    • zing chicken

      Hes lied an f more than once. The goof he is.

  • Guest


  • Forever.Yours

    First they said for summer summer started from the 27 all bb doing is getting ppl hopes up then disappoints them i think bb is having second thoughts bb is late in everything thats why there always behind people would start to forget about bbm and it took bb this long to actually update us bb full off s**t forget bbm ill stick with whatsapp bb just a let down on the hold dont make promises u cant keep

  • Forever.Yours

    First they said for summer summer started from the 27 all bb doing is getting ppl hopes up then disappoints them i think bb is having second thoughts bb is late in everything thats why there always behind people would start to forget about bbm and it took bb this long to actually update us bb full off shxt forget bbm ill stick with whatsapp bb just a let down on the hold

  • sicsicpuppy

    In other news ;
    No one cares about that announcement.
    Now let’s hear those BB10 Playbook fanboys ……..oh wait

  • Charl van der Byl

    Summer..? Which country’s summer will that be?

  • kroms

    BB ! we are so excited !! yaay !
    Dont forget to announce the AMAZING NEW Physical keyboard on the Q10 that will revolutionize the industry.
    hello ? anyone here ?

    • Bbrysucks


  • BBmseng

    Could be summer in the southern hemisphere (starts in december).

  • AnotherBillJ

    Poor, poor BlackBerry haters. If you had any idea what BlackBerry’s 10-year plan involved, you’d be wondering if anyone will be carrying other devices by then.

    Sit back, relax and watch as BlackBerry converts a LOT of iOS and Android users.

    P.S. Have you seen a BlackBerry Z10 in action? Until you have, please shut up with your negativity. Thank you.

    • Bbrysucks

      Their devices suck, plain and simple. Get over it (and yourself).

    • Dawgydawg123

      I own an iPhone and I do not consider myself to have any predujices towards smartphone companies but my friend has a z10 and I have used it, and I can honestly say it is a terrible device. It certainly wont make me want to switch from my iPhone to a bb10 especially because it has such a poor app Eco-system. Just my point of view.

  • dave

    BBM come on android os 4.0 (tablet) ???

  • abdullah575

    it is in BETA !! know !!