And that makes three: Evernote brings Reminders to Windows Phone

Daniel Bader

June 7, 2013 8:44pm

Screenshot 2013-06-07 at 14.06.07
Yesterday, Evernote launched its cross-platform Reminders feature on Android after bringing it to iOS and the desktop a month earlier, and today Windows Phone users are getting in on the fun.

The functionality works very similarly to the iOS and Android versions: Reminders appear above the Notes list, and can include alarms or just context-specific to-do actions. You’ll see a small blue alarm clock next to a note when a reminder has been included.

Because it is integrated into the live tile system, you’ll see a number embedded at the top right corner of a tile when a reminder is active. Once the alarm goes off, a system-wide notification will pop up, much like you’d see for a calendar or birthday.

Download Evernote for Windows Phone.

Via: Evernote

  • hunkyleepickle

    Happy to see WP getting so much love lately! Just in time, just snagged a cyan 920 of eBay, excited to try out the platform!

  • DUDE

    Author, you live in the east coast? So the time stamp I see, is that western or eastern?

  • Khafra Murray

    Evernote is built into the BlackBerry 10 OS, been using it from day 1