BlogTO releases iPhone app to track down Toronto’s Food Trucks

Daniel Bader

May 10, 2013 1:51pm

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BlogTO has added a companion iPhone app to its portal. The locally-designed app allows frequenters of Toronto’s now-famous and ubiquitous food trucks to locate their favourite cuisine, be it cupcakes or tacos, across the city.

The interface is sleek and responsive, and the various food trucks are well distinguished from one another with high-resolution images, contact numbers and other important details. You can add favourites to quickly access the location of your ideal take-out, or browse through the growing list of fare.

Because Freshdaily, the curators of BlogTO and creators of the Toronto Food Truck portal, are pushing for the service to be a bit like an independent social network, you can take a photo or your food or the truck itself, add filters to your image and post it to the relevant section. All comments and photos are linked up to your BlogTO account, and you can share photos to Facebook or Twitter.

While it may have a limited audience, it’s a loyal one, and we’d love to see it hit Android sometime soon.

Download Toronto Food Trucks for iPhone.

Via: BlogTO

  • 4ChanApologist

    Why are sites still developing single-use apps instead of focusing on a unified, cross-platform web-site?

    Oh. Right. Because they can’t harvest and sell your personal information through a web-browser. Carry on, BlogTO.

    • Joe Asoka

      Sure they can. Perhaps like you, they just aren’t smart enough?

    • beyond

      Developers are using apps rather than websites because there are some things you just can’t do easily or not at all using a website. Many features and hardware remain inaccessible, or only using workarounds.
      So its apps, apps and more apps for everyone, yay!
      I know I hate it too but not much you can do about it for now.