Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 price dropped to $400 outright


  • d094

    i just hate the home button on all galaxy devices

    • ExcessDan

      I am fine with it, it just doesn’t make sense on a tablet that you’re likely not going to hold up in that orientation.

    • Atifsh

      it makes so much sense, that one button get rid of the navbar, which is annoying and everybody knows that yet everybody loves it.

  • bigshynepo

    One day only…. ^_^

  • silver_arrow

    I’m pretty sure it’s $400 in the US… Why did they have to charge us more. Heck the Note 10.1 is cheaper here then in the US

  • wes

    No way I’m paying more for a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 than an Ipad Mini. And there’s no way I’m even considering an Ipad Mini, so that 30$ price drop is meaningless.

    Samsung, yes you’re popular, but get real. You can’t sell at a higher price point than and Ipad Mini. You’re making the same mistake as Microsoft.

  • Sean Lumly

    This thing needs way better specs. I love the pen but hate every thing else.

    • ExcessDan

      resolution is too low for something that big :

    • Sean Lumly

      It would also be nice if it were using a modern SoC, rather than last year’s 4412. If Google can cram a Snapdragon 600 into a smartphone which has a GSM radio for less than this device, surely it should be possible to do the same on this tablet.

    • Samcrap

      Samcrap at its finest

    • anjew


    • TP

      um, which tablet has ‘way better specs’ than this for $400? price is too high for me, but even at $400, there are not many tablets that match this: Exynos quad-core, 2GB ram, 1280×800 at 8″, 16GB with 64GB expandable, OS 4.1, S-pen, decent size battery.

    • Sean Lumly

      Did you hear me compare this tablet to any other? What are you talking about?

    • TP

      if you don’t care at all about what is available in the current market and just say ‘oh i don’t care i hate this i want way better specs’, then yeah you are right we aren’t talking about the same thing and sorry for my misunderstanding, i thought you were saying ‘it needs way better specs’ because it is sub-par to the current offerings in the market.

    • EvanKrosney

      And if they don’t up the specs, lower the price! $400 is ridiculous.

  • KrispyInTO

    too much $ with the new nexus 7 coming soon for at most 300

  • ineptone

    And even that is way too much.

    • Deli

      Agreed. As much as I like Samsung products, this is too much for a Wifi version. $300 would be about right.

  • stevedion

    I wait for the new N7 thank you very much…

  • jonny

    I want one, but I am waiting until the price drops to $300. There is no way I am paying $150 more than a nexus 7 for a pen. The screen resolution is lacking as well.

    • jonny

      oh yeah, and its wifi only. maybe i dont want one after all…

  • Theo

    Is a 4G version coming to Canada? I would be more interested in it than WiFi only.

  • DC

    The design is pretty ugly and lust-lacking. I would wait for the new nexus 7.

  • EvanKrosney

    $400? Well, thanks Samsung! That changes EVERYTHING! All this complaining about price was because it was only $30 too expensive. Now that you’ve dropped the price by essentially nothing, you’ll sell millions!


  • daveloft

    If your not an artist then this tablet is not for you, get yourself a Nexus 7, wait for the new Nexus 7/8 or wait for the new small screen Galaxy Tab.

    Complaining about the price and the specs of the Galaxy Note 8 is idiotic. If your looking for a tablet with a Wacom digitizer then your not finding anything cheaper than the $400 Note 8 and the $500 Note 10.1 as the only other options are much more expensive Windows 8 tablets.