Facebook Updating Mobile News Feed, Promises Consistency With Web Version

Daniel Bader

March 7, 2013 1:43pm

Facebook has announced an updated News Feed on both the web and mobile devices, both of which will start pushing out today. Mobile apps will also presumably be updated in the near future.

The News Feed update is a natural progression of the current version, with a smaller sidebar, larger pictures and videos, more information on links, and a more consistent look between the web and mobile versions.

Other major differences include separate sections for interests — you can now have separate feeds based on sports, technology, politics, etc. — and a chronological Following feed that separates brands, businesses and sponsored content from friends’ posts.

The company said it would begin rolling out the web version in limited capacity today, with iOS and Android versions, as well as the mobile web, in the coming weeks. iOS would be updated first with Android coming shortly thereafter.

Check out all the information at Facebook.


  • JC Chong

    That looks just like Google+…

    • Andrew

      …which is superior to Facebook, therefore I see this as a good move. Honestly, Facebook is too cluttered, and it’s not like people have been jumping ship in droves to use Google+.

  • All Ways Write

    Thanks Zuck…you tool

  • Collindubya

    Cue the complainers in 3…..2……1…..

  • Tanooki

    A couple of years ago, i went through my account and deleted all my photos, untagged myself, deleted all my likes, etc.. teh only thing i have left if my name and a photo. I know that my stuff isnt really deleted.. but thats ok, im certainly not going to be giving FB anymore of my stuff.