Citrix releases updated GoToMyPC app with S Pen support for Galaxy Note II

Daniel Bader

November 28, 2012 2:32pm

Citrix has announced an updated version of its GoToMyPC app for Android that takes advantage of the Galaxy Note II’s improved S Pen features. The service is used for individuals and businesses to access desktop computers, either from another PC or on a mobile device, and provides monthly plans for businesses and individuals.

The updated app allows Galaxy Note II users to use S Pen to perform advanced “PC-like” tasks from the 5.5-inch screen, many of which would be impractical to accomplish with a finger. The app itself is free, but monthly plans start at a hefty $9.95 per computer. Nevertheless, the service is competitive in price with other services like LogMeIn Pro ($29.99), though Splashtop 2 with its Anywhere Access Pack is much cheaper at $9.99/year. Citrix advertises more to corporate users, and with more companies allowing BYOD policies, the partnership with Samsung makes sense. Samsung will be featuring GoToMyPC on its S Suggest portal, which pushes users to the company’s proprietary app store.

Citrix is also updating its GoToAssist app for Android, which allows IT departments to connect to and support Android devices on the go. Using the app, new devices can be set up remotely, which is nice for employees unfamiliar with Android.

The remote desktop ecosystem is quite robust in the mobile space, and there are a lot of good free options to choose from if you’re a casual user. Splashtop 2, TeamViewer and others fill in the gaps, but monthly subscription-based products like GoToMeeting provide more features and better support.

  • f2f

    RIP APPLE!!!

  • Chris

    Why is a Galaxy S3 pictured??

    • EvanK

      It would be difficult enough to use an OS designed for a >20″ display on a 5.5″ Note with an S-Pen, I can only imagine how difficult using it on a finger-only 4.7″ S3 would be.

  • zed

    @Chris, to show you that it may work on other devices too? … maybe.

    In any case, I can see how IT specialists would invest in such an app. Debugging from anywhere 🙂

    • TP

      Debugging something running on desktop using your mobilephone will be the last thing that any IT specialist would want to do.

  • Dan

    I don’t get it. I use about 3 different remote apps with my note 2 and the spen works great on them. What did these guys improve?

  • WirelessLife

    Same functionality would also be made available on the Galaxy Note 10.1 and the API’s for the sPen on that device are the same.