Skype Preview for Windows Phone 8 now available

Daniel Bader

November 12, 2012 9:33am

Windows Phone has had a few notable releases in the past few days. Not only was Angry Birds: Star Wars released on the same day as its iOS and Android counterparts, but big names like Cut the Rope, Words With Friends and Draw Something! are all available on the new Windows Store for the first time.

If you’re not into mobile games, however, another big name has reached the Store, the new Microsoft property, Skype. Released as a Preview (akin to a beta, we’re assuming), Skype for Windows Phone 8 is a completely rewritten app, resembling the Mango version only in design. It’s now able to run in the background, receiving calls even when you’re not in the app. It supports video calls, too, and we tested the quality on our Lumia 920 unit (review coming soon — it’s awesome!). When enabled, the video takes up the entire screen, with an overlay appearing when you want to disable the video or start messaging while the call is going on.

Voice quality was also excellent, and sounded only slightly more tinny than the average call over a cellular network. If you decide to leave the app while the call is going on, it will continue in the background with a permanent toast banner at the top of the screen reminding you that the app is still open.

For a preview, Skype for Windows Phone 8 is a pretty impressive piece of software. It supports the expandable live tiles, and the largest version shows missed calls and messages.

If you’re one of the lucky few to own a Windows Phone 8 device at the moment, head to the Windows Store (on your phone) and download the app.

Source: Windows Store
Via: WPCentral

  • iphoneee

    I don’t see apple maps….. why can’t skype integrate apple maps?

    • sp

      because they know that if they use Apple maps..people might end up driving into a wall or a tree…or an Apple store and get force fed/drink Apple Kool Aid

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    another huge ugly tile

  • General Gustov

    Just waiting to see which other carriers will carry this phone

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    holy smokes, i just saw the preview of this on wpcentral and the design and function looks amazing. not a skype user at all, but i would use it just because it looks beautiful.

  • yodiggity dawg


  • Kid.Canada

    Wow you really need to get laid Mr. Apple Troll or even get a job and make better use of your time than sit in your mother’s basement and troll tech sites all day…

  • Ron

    Very nice I`m running it on my nokia 920, and by the way I swapped it for my iphone 5 and DAMN I DON’T REGRET IT!!!!

  • Nino

    I’m not happy, what about all of us who have windows 7.5 that we just got 5 months ago? will we get the new apps? I have a feeling we won’t! That’s not honering customers on microsoft part!

  • Marc Roussel

    SAD, I’m very sad that we can’t receive notifications and messages in the Messaging app integrated with the phone hence not having to keep Skype app running !

    Also it was so fast with Messenger when receiving messages directly into Messaging app of the phone