Mobilicity puts Samsung Galaxy Note II up for pre-order, launching October 30th and will give $50 discount

Ian Hardy

October 12, 2012 8:13am

We let you know yesterday that the Samsung Galaxy Note II is coming to Canada on October 30th, TELUS’ website revealed this news. The phone/tablet is also launching at Bell, WIND, Rogers, Mobilicity, Videotron and SaskTel.

Additional information has surfaced from newer wireless player Mobilicity today by placing the Jelly Bean device on pre-order, plus confirming the October 30th release date. In addition, they’ve decided to give the first 1,000 customers who drop their personal details an incentive to “save $50.” There’s some fine print to it as you’ll have to sign up for their “automatic monthly payments” program. Here’s the full email response when you pre-order:

Thank you! We have received your pre-order registration request for the Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphone at Mobilicity. You are on the list of consumers eligible to be the first Canadians to get this smartphone when it launches in Canada on October 30, 2012!

You can also receive a $50 hardware credit on the Samsung Galaxy Note II from Mobilicity if you are one of the first 1,000 people to purchase and activate your Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphone on Mobilicity’s unlimited network and sign up for automatic monthly payments by November 6, 2012!

Here is your confirmation number:

Please keep this confirmation number handy and stay tuned for more information. We will email you more details on how to take advantage of this special launch promotion by October 20th.

We appreciate your patience and look forward to launching the Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphone, and providing you with a smart mobile experience.

Thank you!

No word on the price, but check it here at Mobilicity
(Thanks tipster!)

  • Nick

    Mobilicity is the best, let’s see the big three match that.

  • Lil Wayne

    Poverty carrier lol

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    It would be nice to have an outright price before “pre-ordering” but at least Mobilicity is putting any holds on your card for this service. Hope to see a BTS like promo again to match the Note’s release.

    • HighClassFrenchCricket

      speeling error above, I meant to write *isnt putting any holds

  • Mardos

    I wonder what the cost of the phone will be…

  • Suligane

    worst carrier with the best phone… GENIUS -.-

    • AppleStockHolder

      you mean Worst Carrier, with the Worse Phone (iPhone is best). Now that’s smart!

  • Big Ticket

    How many people bought Mobilicity’s expensive Bold 9900 or Samsung Galaxy S III? How many will buy the even pricier Galaxy Note II?

    • OGOD

      Just need to do some math b4 u say that. Phone with regular price but if you are able to get the either 50%off or back to school promtion, guess how much $$$ u going to save.

      Lets say u get it from big3, they give u a free S3 with 3yrs contract, $65/month. 3yrs after tax = $2620.80

      Lets say Mobi’s 50% off promtion for 1yr, and other 2yr muti-month $33/month(regular $55Plan). 3yrs monthly+ $599.99phone after tax =$1928.63

      or Mobi’s back to school promotion, $35(regulat $45Plan). 3yrs monthly+ $599.99phone after tax= $2083.19

      or Mobi’s $25 back to school, including unlimited data. 3yrs monthly+ $599.99phone after tax= $1679.99

      the money you save, its enough for u to buy another $600 phone instead of keep signing on contracts….

  • Marion

    they may have a price point $50 higher than the big three

    • jonny

      No, they always price their devices $50 less than everyone else

  • SGN2

    For everyone not getting the $50 discount it’ll $50 overpriced…

    • OGOD

      LOL, that also mean big3 is $$$ to $$$$ over price on their plans, since mobilicity can offer such a cheap price for last 2yrs.

  • Mobilicity BANKRUPT

    Is this a pentaband phone?
    Too bad Mobilicity network only works in 5 cities in 3 provinces. They told us back in 2010 they were expanding to other cities, they still haven’t delivered on that.

    Once you give your credit card number out, you’re not in control any more.

    • OGOD

      “Once you give your credit card number out, you’re not in control any more.”

      What r u talking about?
      For mobilicity, you have to put money on the “My wallet” first, all extra will charge on your “My wallet” which in your account. Which means if your “My Wallet” is $0, Mobilicity can’t charge you and you just can’t use which is not included in your plan. What do u mean by no control? The other companies let you use everything and give you a bill after.

  • 5Gs

    Thanks but no seriously thanks!!

  • drone

    Using a 4G LTE Quadcore phone on a 3G network…. LOLOLOL

    • drone

      PS: It’s just like people who think they’re cool when they buy iPod touches instead of an iPhone.

    • AndroidRootGuy

      You may not know this, but just as Wind/Rogers S3, Wind/Mobilicity version with HSPA+ only, and Rogers/Bell/Telus Note2 will be LTE capable.

  • TP

    @Marion and SGN2

    Mobilicity’s phone prices have always been at least $50 lower than the prices of the same phones offered by Big 3 and Wind (at least at launch).
    What evidence do you have to believe and say so?
    What you say is the usual and typical practice done by Big 3 and Wind.

  • jess

    This phone is increbile! I work for a company and my samsung rep just stopped by and i seen this in his hands. 5.5 screen narrower in width, beautiful screen. The hovering over albums, you can scroll through without even entering the album. Besides my full powered screened s3 it didnt even compare, my s3 seemed like an ace. It is so nice and with jelly bean, just made me more jealous. ANYONE who is thinking about it, take it from me 100% worth the money.

  • kycay

    it will be about $1000.00 I’m thinking! I’m with Mobilicity now and their speed for data stinks. Yes its unlimited and the monthly fee is much cheaper then the other bog guys. Oh well. I have my Samsun Google nexus S. “If the phone works don’ fix it!”

  • skazzy B

    How is this company still around? It boggles my mind.

    • OGOD

      u don’t need to think how they alive, just think about how much you get over charge from big3 for the past yrs. U r one of them who support them buy sport channels and BC place…etc. Why r they so rich? just because canadian is paying one of the most expensive cell phone bills in the world.

  • aregularonhofo

    WHO CARES! Mobilicity has dropped all their plans to $30, shows how desperate this company is with no improvements whatsoever or expansion in over a year and the only one who would push this deal is bluenote73 the FANBOUY/TROLL/LYING GOON…this provider is finished and only using their subs in anyway they can. I see the BOYCOTT MOBILICITY CAMPAIGN is really working and great to see Amhed doing such a good job with all his IT’s. Mobilicity is a disgrace and time to join Wind Mobile your only choice before the Big Three try to ruin it further.

  • deli

    T-mobile version with be LTE enabled as well. So I am keeping a keen eye on this device for LTE. If it does have it, it’ll be the best one to have. pentaband+LTE (FYI, all flagship tmobile phones lately are capable of 850mhz).

  • Romps

    This will be just like the first Note….everyone wants one. One month later, 7 pages of sellers on Kijiji trying to get rid of them. I have used the a tester version of the Note II from one of the carriers it is blazing fast but the S pen still work nothing like it claims in their marketing videos. Lags and is very clunky in real world use.


      I don’t know what the hell your talking about the S-Pen works just fine. I have the original Galaxy Note & its works flawlessly, you must not have been using it properly & if the G-Note 2 has any issues which I haven’t seen any, it will be fixed in an update for sure. Really though I have haven’t seen any issues other than ppl trying to use it in Windows that don’t support the feature they’re trying to use. Galaxy Note 2 blows every other phone out of the water for speed & features. – KID ANDROID ( Team.Android.Canada)

  • T1MB0T

    So nice presentation.. looks like we all know who is making money and who is not.. ummm WIND! LOL 200 million and they still have problems getting a signal!