Bell Motorola ATRIX HD LTE Review (Video)


  • ED


  • Hitesh

    Correction: In the video you said it is running stock Gingerbread but it is an ICS device.

    • Hitesh

      Its not a big deal but people like me (who perfer a video review over reading) might find it misleading.

  • Omar300

    I don’t get it why doesn’t Motorola phone seem as desirable as Samsung? I mean s2 (not international one) seemed so attractive to me. and galaxy nexus too. and nexus didn’t look like Samsung product so u cant say im bias with Samsung stuff. i wish i liked Motorola their battery is so promising.

  • Josh

    Great review! I wonder if this will ever make it to any other providers cause I wouldn’t mind buying it.

  • Felix Turpin

    The amount of bezel is damn too high! xD

  • S2x

    Samsung Galaxy S2:
    $300 at Kood outright, bigger battery, better ROMs, AMOLED Plus Screen, bigger battery, faster HSPA, 16GB internal instead of 8, 2MP frontal camera instead of 1.3, 1850mAh battery, QUadrant score: 4350 with a custom ROM and Kernel, and AMAZING BATTERY.

    LTE ( advantage for some, disadvantage for others) more recent version of the CPU and GPU, and $300 MORE EXPENSIVe.
    Quadrant score 4064.

    I would get the SG2 HD LTE from Bell or the HD from Rogers,is less and has way more support, and for less money, but around $$250-300 the S2(VIrgin) and the S2x(Koodo) are hard to beat.
    In terms of Quadrant

    • Darth Paton

      Ya but its build quality sucks, screen isnt hd, no lte (which is a disadvantage), has touchwiz which is awful, micro sd slot makes internal storage irrelevant, who cares about front facing camera, faster hspa? That’s stupid. I would agree that the battery is better, but i’d rather have the atrix

  • Dillion

    I am concerned about the horizontal arrangement of apps and rounded square icons. Haha

  • Wowsers

    It inexplicably got hot enough to nearly burn your skin over the course of a few days, required multiple restarts and you still say it is a quality item and give it an 8.6 / 10 ?!?!

  • v

    if it aint blackberry it aint sh**

  • Phil

    A major aspect of what I will look for in my next phone is the camera and a dedicated camera button. Why can’t companies figure out that smart phones are replacing point and shoot cameras and make that a major selling point.

    • Wade

      You can kind of do that with ICS. Just put the camera icon in the bottom row, and punt out something you might not need as often. Only 4 slots to choose from though.

  • Paul Long

    As someone who bought into the whole ethos of the original Atrix (I bought the lapdock, car dock, multimedia setup at great expense) I am disappointed that Motorola does not position the charger/connection slots in the same location to allow me to upgrade and keep my devices. Apple does this so that an ipod bought 5 years ago will fit into a dock bought today and vice versa. I don’t want to bin my peripheral devices to upgrade my phone. I love my Atrix but this is a deal breaker and puts me off upgrading.

  • Rajesh


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