Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to come with 2GB, phone capabilities?

Daniel Bader

July 24, 2012 9:39am

A recent unboxing of the upcoming Galaxy Note 10.1 — which could be released in August — reveals that Samsung did to the tablet what they did to the North American version of the Galaxy S III: add 2GB of RAM to the spec sheet. This future-proofing technique will make it easier for users to take advantage of those PC-like multitasking capabilities we have yet to see in action.

As expected, the Note 10.1 also comes with a 1.4Ghz quad-core SoC, likely the same one that’s inside the international Galaxy S III, as well as a 5MP back camera and, in some cases, HSPA+ support. We’d expect the North American carrier-released version to be LTE-capable, but that will have to wait until later this year.

One potentially disappointing aspect of the Note 10.1 is the 1280×800 resolution screen. We’ve been spoiled with the recent crop of 1920×1200 Android tablets like the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity — and of course the new iPad — so anything less than full HD on a 10.1-inch screen just seems boring. The Note 10.1 also looks to come with a massive 7000mAh battery and an IR blaster alongside the requisite WiFi/Bluetooth/GPS support.

The back of the tablet, like the front, looks almost identical to the Galaxy Tab 2 recently released in Canada. But you can clearly see the slot for the S Pen, which will be the major differentiating feature of the tablet. And though it may not make it over to our shores, it looks like the Note 10.1 can act as either a passthrough for your smartphone or will be able to make calls on its own, much like some variants of the original Galaxy Tab.

Source: Brave Post
Via: The Verge

  • sip

    I really liked the pens Samsung is doing. The only thing is Samsung sucks when it comes to software updates. Slow as a snail.

    Would be nice if next series of Nexus devices have pens as standard.

    • Reginald

      more samsung garbage

    • Miyabi

      @Reginald – More idiodic trash. Empty comments like these must come from the hollow minds of those who can’t find anything (better) to say.

      @sip – Get official STOCK ROMs from XDA. If you really cared about the software updates, and thought it sucked, you would have searched for a solution.

  • mike

    Much nicer than the Nexus 7

    • caribouroader

      And likely 4 times as expensive!

  • metoo

    Finally a phone for men. If you have little girly hands, keep using your tiny little phones. I fully expect that we will see the majority of Android users opting to use 7″ and 10″ phones in the months ahead.

    • Pept68

      If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance… baffle them with bullshit!! However, I am glad to see you are embracing the little girl in you!!!

    • Netguru

      Please be sure to post a picture of yourself holding the Note up to your ear.

    • metoo

      People said the same things when the 5″ phones started coming out. “You look ridiculous”, “You look like an i***t”, “have some dignity and stop holding that gigantic brick to your head”, “you are never going to get laid”. But they made them and we bought them. Same thing with these new ‘Super Phablets’. Why carry a tiny girl phablet when you can get a real tablet-phablet, a super phablet, a tabone?

  • Geoff

    If I was still in university, I would buy this the second it came out. This would be fantastic for taking notes in class.

  • trolling187

    hmm should I get this or the new Blackberry Playbook with LTE

  • Pept68

    If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance… baffle them with BS!! I am glad to see you are embracing the little girl in you!!!

  • James

    I don’t understand the comment in the article
    “it may not make it over to our shores”

    isn’t the note slated for worldwide release? I didn’t think this was some europe exclusive or something weird like that….

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Samsung seems to have made a typo on their box. 1280×800. Surely noone would release a tablet with that low of a resolution in today’s day age.


  • Megahertz

    So Samsung tablet upgrades have to come from the cerrier?? My Transformer tablets are pushed directly from ASUS. Good thing I didn’t buy the 10.1.

  • Hmmm

    I am using a Galaxy Note now and is thinking of getting an Android tab … Debating between a) Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, b) Galaxy Tab 2 7, c) Nexus 7, and c) This Galaxy Note 10.1 … It will be great if I can get some suggestions and advice from you fellow posters

    • Donovan

      @ Hmmm

      I have the Galaxy Note as well and I thinking of getting this or the Galaxy Tab 2 7′. I like the Galaxy Tab 2 7′ for it’s size and the various features. Let me know if this helps.

  • Roger

    Stop talking that they release S3 with 2Gigs in North America,
    Canada and Mexico did not have it. Please specified provider if any S3 with 2G is available in North America. Thank you.

    • JC Fung

      @Roger I’m not sure which Canada you are referring to, but the S3 models available in my Canada comes with 2G of RAM.

  • OGOD

    Nice, but its not going to be cheap….

  • metoo

    What’s funny, is that if you read MobileSyrup’s facebook posting about this, there are actually people interested in a 10″ phone.

    Some people will buy anything you even hint they should want. And they call Apple users sheep…

    • Randa

      I hope you realize you just referred to a tiny niche market as “sheep”. Can you really not see the appeal in using a tablet as a phone? If you use a tablet but don’t really need a phone, this is pretty much perfect.

  • Michael

    This looks awesome. Will be perfect for school and the 2GB RAM is going to be great for multi-tasking. I was hoping the screen would be higher resolution, but I guess you can’t have it all!

  • carltonc

    Pay attention rim….

    This is a $500+ device.

  • tkmckay

    I would have considered buying one in a second as my first tablet to compliment my Note if it had a 1920×1200 or higher screen, but at 1280×800…. the same as my phone I will wait for the next gen. I’m disappointed that Sammy didn’t use something a little higher end for this device much like they did for the Note.

    • mike

      Why does Samsung hold out with low end display offerings when they make some of the best display’s in the world?