Thousands queue, some fight, for the BlackBerry Bold 9790 in Indonesia

Daniel Bader

November 25, 2011 12:47pm

Riot police were dispatched on Friday as the BlackBerry Bold 9790 went on sale in Indonesia. The handset, which retails for $540, was being sold at half price to the first 1000 buyers. As a result, fights and scuffles broke out as rumours circulated the phone had sold-out.

Buyers lined up on Thursday night for the new phone which is one of the most anticipated devices of the year in Indonesia. The country of 240 million has one of the world’s fastest smartphone adoption rates, with RIM’s BlackBerry leading the pack. There are currently 6 million BlackBerry devices in Indonesia, and the country is the first in the world to sell the new device.

Source: Associated Press

  • Alex Perrier

    Their equivalent of the iPhone 4S line-ups here in Canada. Probably only because of the prepaid-friendly price that would be great for ALL Curves regularly. Oh RIM, why do you release the 9790 there first? Why not Canada? 😐

    • PROud Candadian

      Guess what riligon these people use in that backwrods country.
      Be afraid!

  • XER

    lining up for rubbish!

  • Nessa

    So not worth lining up for…how much more fighting for it?

  • Rich

    BBX/QNX and I’ll have another glance at BB’s.

  • DOA

    They just don’t know any better.

    • Ulyssses

      As if you know

      Just like Jeff said. Just because you don’t like/use blackberry, that doesn’t mean it is rubbies. You talk like a Fanboy..grow up.

  • Pablo Moses

    This proof that BB is a good smartphone!

    • bob

      this proves nothing at all

  • Jeff

    RIM is hardly rubbish. Btw I don’t have a blackberry and I don’t prefer them, but I know many people that prefer them to either iPhones or Android or WP7. These are not stupid people and they are not ignorant (the people I know). Just because you don’t want one doesn’t mean its no good. Grow up.

    and NOTHING is worth lining up for in my opinion, not a BB, not an iPhone and not even my preference, Android.

  • Alex Perrier

    Hopefully Canada’s *9780* deal (no touchscreen and BB OS 6) is much less violent than the one in Indonesia for the 9790.

  • Jordan

    I’d like to point out the title says ‘some some’. That is all.

  • farmerpete

    I think its more along the lines of blackberrys being somewhat affordable to the Indonesian population as compared to android or iphone. Not everyone can afford to spend $700 every year on a new phone that looks the same as the year past.

  • Steve

    @farmerpete They have plenty of cheap Android phones in Indonesia, they just prefer BlackBerries.

  • Interesting

    I’m no expert on the Indonesian cell phone industry, but I’m willing to bet the data compression plays a big part in why Blackberries are so popular there.


    This is something we would never see here in Canada


      I mean for Blackberry

  • yadeed

    Well at $270 is a fair price for this product too bad is only for the first 1000 people. The rest will not be making a line to pay 540 for sure.

  • Andrew C

    And I thought people were crazy for lining up overnight for iPhones. The fighting in Indonesia is on another level of madness.