Leaked BlackBerry Bold 9900 firmware brings WiFi hotspot support


  • A. Carmine

    Very interested to see how a Blackberry would be able to handle hotspot data when an iPad or iPod Touch is connected to it. I envision the Blackberry eventually buckling under the ungodly data that they consume.

  • Kid_Canada

    Sweet! Next my 9810 🙂 Oh wait..couldn’t get the 6GB data from Rogers because I had to sign a new 3 year just to get that..F U Rogers!! >:(

  • Brian

    As per usual, BlackBerry is late to the party. Android has has this forever now and iOS has had it for a decent amount of time too.

    Oh BlackBerry, I remember when you were only a month behind everyone else. Better days.

    • bob

      exactly. And then people wonder why we say that Blackberries are outdated. It’s not only the hardware, the software is outdated too.

  • XER

    Why are they keep upgrading rubbish?

  • Michael

    Be carefull with this build as the service books are not released and you may find problems with getting the browser to work properly. BES users are warned to keep away from this build & wait for something updated.

    Reverting back to OS 7.0 can require a BES deletion & then re-adding a total PITA!

  • Slype

    I was never much of a fan of blackberries and I don’t keep tabs on it too much but I’m really surprised it did not have the hotspot functionality built in to it?

    What have they been doing all this time while they were at the top? Talk about squandering your lead. I understand that it’s normal for leaders to fall asleep at the wheel but didn’t they wake up like 12 months ago? There must be some wicked bureaucracy or something as to why it’s taking so long for them to get features that are common with other vendors out to their own phones.

    • Nick M

      It’s because Mike Lazaridis is a visionary, promsing, for example, that BlackBerry smartphones would never have MP3 players or cameras in them because it just does not make sense when the company’s primary customers were the government and enterprise.

      They pigeon-holed themselves as a corporate device for the longest time, and now that Android and iOS are making inroads to the corporate world, RIM has to scramble to make the BB more attractive to consumers, implementing features that have been available on other platforms for a long time.

  • Kid_Canada

    Judging from the comments at Crackberry.com, it sounds like it was an early build thus not stable. I’d stay away from it till a better one leaks, just sayin.

  • Peter

    How does this company survive if their phones don’t ship with such basic functionality at Wifi support? Unbelievable.

  • yadeed

    Mike Lazaridis the great visionary; so BB 6.1 aka as 7 did not have WiFi hotspot support!! Research in Motion, they should change that name. Joke: do you know what the #iPhone said to the #Blackberry? … “iWork”

  • Andy

    Cant wait for the new bbm
    ill be able to change the colour of my conversation
    anyone else has been waiting for this feature for a long time?