HP to make a decision about the future of webOS within the “next couple of months”

Ian Hardy

October 27, 2011 7:51pm

HP dished out a massive $1.2 billion to acquire Palm and their intuitive and under appreciated webOS platform. Palm released the Pre and Pre2, then HP tried to save the day by releasing the Pre 3, Veer and the HP TouchPad. All of the devices never seemed to grab the consumers attention, nor mass adoption. Now, months later, with a new CEO at the helm, HP has announced they’ll continuing to release tablets, but will be powered by Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 OS. As for the fate of webOS, HP said they’ll come to a decision within the “next couple of months”. It’s been rumoured that they could license it out to other manufacturers, or another company might purchase it from them.

HP CEO Meg Whitman said “I think we need to be in the tablet business, and we’re certainly going to be there with Windows 8. So we’re going to make another run at this business. And we’re going to make a decision about the long-term future of webOS within HP over the next couple of months. And as soon as we make that decision we’ll let you know on that.”

Source: FierceWireless

  • John

    I would really like to know what happened to those extra last shipment of touchpads went…

  • Rich

    I don’t they can do webOS solo and I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft is offering them major incentives to drop the platform all together in favor of Windows 8 for tablets / phones.

  • Dave

    still no Nexus news :'(

  • wewewi

    I’m still waiting an email about that second wave of Touchpads..

  • Jack Fung

    If HP doesn’t want it, then open source it.

  • yadeed

    1.2 billion, two CEO later and still the great engineering company do not know what they want and where they are going.

  • boojay

    I’ve had my Touchpad running Cyanogen for the past couple of weeks and it’s sooooo much better than our ipad2 that no one even touches the latter anymore. Imagine once we have a final release candidate as CM7 is still in alpha. It’s ludicrous that the 3 touchpads we bought were equal in cost to the now worthless ipad 2 sitting idle on my desk.

  • lol

    haha.. it’s funny boojay, so you want us to believe that you got 3 Touchpads in addition to an ipad2 – making a total of 4 tablets in your house. I’ve never seen somebody so much dedicated to the tablet fad.

    • Len

      That’s notso unusual. Once one person gets one everyone wants one. At my house we have a xoom and 2 china cheapies to keep the others busy until we can get a couple more honeycombs. There awesome but hard to share.

  • Mark

    I want WebOS to save me from android. Pretty please HP?