Image: Here’s the Rogers LTE coverage map for Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver

Ian Hardy

September 28, 2011 8:01am

It’s officially live. Rogers LTE (Long Term Evolution) has spread itself across Canada. The official press release has not been sent out but looking at their dedicated LTE site says that LTE speeds are “now available in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Ottawa” – which reaches 5.5 million Canadians. For now, the only device that’s available is the Sierra Wireless AirCard 313U. According to Rogers LTE will be capable of hitting download speeds of 100 Mbps but “typical download speeds ranging from 12 Mbps to 25 Mbps”. Below is the current and future LTE coverage map for each location.

Update: Here are some results of Rogers LTE network in Toronto, vai

  • sead

    Being from Ottawa, it’s kinda sad to see that they are not planing any expansion to the LTE Network here yet… but Lots in MTL, Toronto, and Van.

    I often go just outside the planned LTE Limits (i.e. Embrun, Rockland)

    *crosses fingers*

    • phoneguy

      lmao this is hilarious and yet I dont see anyone bitching about how small the zone is yet you all b***h about PMs zone when PMs zone is double rogers LTE!!!! you guys are pathetic and will always pay out the A$$ and for what? faster speeds and an IPhone big effin deal…enjoy your tiny calling zone lol

    • aka


      the difference is Rogers subscribers can fall back on GSM/HSPA+ connection without roaming charges outside the LTE coverage, can you say the same for PM’s zones? Didn’t think so..

  • KidCanada

    Hmm, coverage isn’t bad for a newly launched network

  • anon

    Coverage will remain as is unless Rogers gets a boat load of customers using the LTE network, if no one uses it, what is the point of expansion? The only sector where LTE will make a difference, is for gaming enthusiasts on their mobile devices. The current HSPA network is more than adequate in speed/data allowance.
    I am curious to find out wht the maximum data reciever/transmitter speed ,in the LTE phones, will be.

  • clone7

    Does rogers have any LTE phones for sale as of today? I know they are planning on releasing the Galaxy S2 somtime in the fall.

    • Rahul

      They have the Samsung Infuse 4g

    • Andy

      @Rahul: Infuse is not LTE.

    • Andy

      @Rahul: Infuse is not LTE.

      Also, as per there is an introductory LTE data plan, $50/10GB. Is that high enough for you?

  • Rahul

    I’m getting 4 mbps down and 1 mbps up.. and I’m in the middle of the downtown core!
    Perhaps its not switched on yet :/
    Or the speedtest app is not the best way to test LTE speeds

  • benry

    wow! great service and news from Canada’s leading telecom provider – Rogers.

  • rob

    @Rahul you wont get LTE if you do not have a LTE device and you need a LTE SIM CARD also… Lol

    • Adi

      err.. how sure are you of needing a specific LTE sim card ?


    • wtv

      You will be needing an LTE Sim card to access the LTE network.

      And i am working for rogers if you ask where i get my infos.

  • Zirian

    I wonder how Bell will be. Need for them to get an LTE phone.

  • darylscool

    looks like wind’s coverage map.. lol

  • EmperumanV

    Hmm, needless to say, where I live there is no LTE coverage either by Rogers/Bell, so its not worth getting it, because a)Live in Richmond Hill and b) work in Newmarket. Rarely go to Toronto

  • Alex

    3G getting a speed boost/ping as well because of the bigger pipes/less strain? Could be.

  • Al

    Just tested LTE card. Download speed 38 mbps down and 18 up

  • Brad MacKay

    The only devices available right now for this LTE network are Aircard USB Modems on the Rogers Website by Sierra Wireless

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