TELUS LG Optimus Black to be available in White

Ian Hardy

September 19, 2011 1:06pm

TELUS released the LG Optimus Black back in July, the device itself runs OS 2.2 and is also branded the “Skype Edition”. Starting tomorrow this will be available to the masses in the colour white – so it’ll be called the LG Optimus Black in White. The price points are still the same at a no-contract for $399.99 and ranges down to $0 on a 3-year.

(Thanks tipster!)

  • Thomas

    That’s ironic

  • gjac0m

    “Hey! I’ve got a white Optimus Black!”

    Sound funny haha!

  • Alex Perrier

    This is a very decent mid-entry phone. The best part is the bootloader is unlocked which makes it easy to overclock and install custom ROMS. 🙂

  • 0defaced



    • Akbar

      Stop trolling

    • 0defaced

      that’s not trolling, that’s a joke

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  • saffant

    As if the current naming schemes were’t bad enough…and now this.

  • F-A-C-T F-I-N-D-E-R

    Alex Perrier is a TROLL.

    Thank you

  • Scott Henderson

    this phone sucks

    • Kevin

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  • skinnypig

    I’m going to wait for the LG Optimus White in Black…

  • Oink

    @ Scott Henderson

    Please stop trolling. It’s bad enough that we have to put up with Alex Perrier’s crap. We don’t need more trolls. Thank you.

    • Scott Henderson

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  • Oink

    @ Scott Henderson

    What you said can be construed as a death threat. Unless you want to go to jail, I suggest you do us all a favour and stop trolling on Mobile Syrup. Thank you.

    • Scott Henderson

      LOL – death threat. i am really scared. Go call the IP cops – dumb fool

    • Harold The Barber

      wow are you in grade 3 Oink? lol Scott sounds like a queef and you sound like a bigger one

  • Ricardo

    LG makes smartphones?

  • Evidence Gatherer

    Harold The Barber isn’t really a barber!