Samsung Mobile releases new teaser video for upcoming IFA event, lots of glowing phones again

Kate O'Brien

August 18, 2011 12:23pm

A new video has been released by Samsung for their upcoming presence at IFA in Berlin. No indication of what the phone, some are saying it’ll be an LTE GSII, but it brings back the similar glowing phones that we saw in the previous video that promoted the original Galaxy S II. Everyone looks happy with it though. The tag line at the end is “Sketches of Your Desire”.

Source: YouTube
Via: Phandroid

  • Qbie

    While I’d love to see the GS2 LTE version come out, I wouldn’t be able to afford the data plan from Rogers!

  • stephan john

    That is cool, but hopefully we don’t have to wait 6+ months for the devices to be launched… LOL

  • Dipol

    Lets hope Robbers don’t pick the one with keyboard!

  • Jonah

    The next Nexus phone?

  • Jools

    They are glowing from radiation!

  • Max

    Awesome… cant wait to see what’s coming! Oh and where is Apple? in the D U S T.

  • MARS

    Forget the phone…where can I buy those cool green pants??

  • brando

    nexus prime, release day sept 2nd available in canada and all over the world on all carriers sept 11, apple can call it their 911 day hahahaha

  • Shamu

    Samsung is on a real roll !! I am really liking some of those new designs – would be nice to see more of these gems at Telus