Rogers Nokia X7 now available online, comes with Symbian Anna

The Rogers Nokia X7 was already available at stores but it’s now finally available online. This is part of the new Rogers “Smartphone Lite” category, priced at a reasonable $299.99 no-term. If Nokia devices are for you then you’ll be thrilled that this is powered by their new Symbian Anna OS. Specs for the price makes this somewhat interesting: 4-inch AMOLED touchscreen display (resolution of 360 x 640), Wi-Fi, 8 megapixel camera that records 720p HD videos and can hold up to 32GB (Rogers is giving an 8GB microSD card in the box).

Source: Rogers

  • XER

    Looking forward to a Windows 7.1 phone later this year. Not too bad for $300 but it’s just Symbian that make things difficult.

  • mda

    Not too bad. But will it be upgraded to Meego?

  • Max

    It is pretty good price for a brand new phone with this kind of specification. I think Nokia is trying to clear their warehouse for the upcoming WP Mango phones!

  • Len

    I love this hardware.. I really wish it came in Android.

    • Gab

      the actual ram and cpu stuff are kind of poor…

  • Enzo

    looks nice but symbian is ancient

  • David Evans

    I want that phone to upgrade my ExpressMusic 5800 however I don’t want to change my plan.

    I think that it’s total bs that my 5800 isn’t viewed as a smartphone yet the X7 is, even though they were both designed for the same market.

    Curse you Rogers

  • Downhill Dude

    Nokia is still around? Who knew?!?

    • chris2

      Yea, Apple just recently passed them in global sales. Nokia is now #2.


    the resolution sucks

  • Stu

    Has it been confirmed that the Nokia Sea Ray (N9) running mango will be available in Canada?

    I haven’t seen anything but I really would like it to be my next phone!

    • David Evans

      Not yet, however, if it does come to Canada, Rogers will probably have it. Rogers carries the largest selection of Nokia phones.

  • Sunny

    Physically attractive but with Symbian, no way.

  • WTF

    What’s going on with Anna update for other devices?
    Delays. delays, delays. Nokia is sleeping!

    • Saffant

      They’re the new RIM. jk

  • Marc

    The build quality is pretty good, but the fixed focus camera is a turn off for me

  • joe

    Too little too late, I’m afraid.

  • catherine

    after the nokia X7 the nokia will come with android this is the last “symbian” phone … YEah!!

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