Toronto-based Five Mobile gets snatched up by Zynga

Ian Hardy

July 8, 2011 2:44pm

Toronto-based mobile app developer Five Mobile has been snatched up by Zynga, the makers of FarmVille and Mafia Wars. Five Mobile started developing mobile apps in August of 2008 and have amassed big North American clients such as Cineplex Odeon, Rogers and Score Mobile. They create apps on all platforms (iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, webOS and Android) but Zynga stated in a blog post that they are “crossing the border” and “acquiring certain assets and Intellectual Property developed by Five Mobile”. No word on how much Zynga paid out but will be re-naming the company to “Zynga Toronto”, and also grabbing hold of all the employees.

“Zynga is crossing the border! Today we are excited to announce a new addition to the Zynga family, the Toronto-based Five Mobile team. In addition to the team, Zynga is also acquiring certain assets and Intellectual Property developed by Five Mobile.

Five Mobile, now Zynga Toronto, creates compelling, robust and scalable mobile applications. The team has worked closely with some of the largest media and technology companies in North America across a multitude of platforms and handsets. This talented group will focus on advancing multiple initiatives within Zynga mobile. Mobile industry veterans and Five Mobile founders Ameet Shah, Jeff Zakrzewski, Oliver Tabay, and Troy Hubman will all join the Zynga team. Ameet Shah will head up our Zynga Toronto studio and report up through our Zynga mobile team, led by David Ko.

As a key component of our mobile efforts moving forward, Zynga Toronto will help position us in a hotbed of mobile development talent. So, if you’re ever in the area, be sure to stop by for some poutine and, uh, maple syrup (can you tell we’re not locals?).”

Source: Zynga
Via: Globe and Five Mobile

  • IdiotAmerica

    K, seriously Zynga, ill say this again, TO ALL AMERICAN COMPANIES, AND IDIOTS IN GENERAL… Poutine is only good in Quebec… Poutine is a Quebec tradition, and a Quebec style of fast food… Toronto doesnt know how to make poutine… ALSO, Canada is not all about maple syrup and poutine.. Idiots.. im baffled by America’s geography, and their knowledge of the world… seriously, OPEN A BOOK

    • brando

      poutine good all around man and i live in ontario though be nice to try Marc picards version of poutine, though you are right toronto has some shi y poutine’s and fast food in general.
      what is it with canadian home grow companies selling out to americans thats the real insult to us Canadians

  • Jay

    Oh dear god… Now people can look forward to being spammed on their cell phones too. “Hey, look at this new hotel wallpaper for your windows phone, only 5000 zanga points!”

  • Dale

    re Poutine reference:

    There’s actually an inside joke here: The offices of Zynga Toronto (formerly Five Mobile Inc) are located on top of Smoke’s Poutinerie in the Entertainment District…