Video: TELUS INQ Cloud Touch hands-on

TELUS will be releasing a couple devices that will have a deep integration with Facebook. The HTC Status and the INQ Cloud Touch. You can check out the Status hands-on here, but for the upcoming Cloud Touch this is actually a decent little device. Clearly it’s targeted to a youth market and will be launched in time for back-to-school for a respectable $200 outright. The version I witnesses was a glossy white, but Koodo will exclusively sell this in black too. It feels nice in the hand, lightweight and comes with a 3.5-inch touchscreen (resolution of 320 x 480).

What INQ does very well is branding the experience of their devices. If you remember the INQ Chat 3G that was released last year, the Cloud Touch will also come with its own flare of redesigned icons. This will come with OS 2.2 Froyo, but will be upgraded to OS 2.3 shortly. The camera is a 5 megapixel and can shoot video, comes with “Smart Wi-Fi”, basically a notification pops up that lets you know when you can connect to Wi-Fi. On the left side of the device there’s an “info key” button that gives you quick access to know what’s happening on your device: battery life, Wi-Fi, GPS, available memory, setting the alarm, time/date and Bluetooth.

As for the Facebook integration, the homescreen can be customized and brings your news feed from Facebook social graph, has a people and notification widget that are embedded into the main screen that shows you what your top friends are doing/saying about you, and also when you’re tagged in a photo. In addition, “places” and Facebook “Chat” have been heavily incorporated into the Cloud Touch. Clearly, this device is for the heavy Facebook user.

Check out the video and we’ll have a full review up soon.