SportsChek’s Black Friday sale discounts Android and Apple smartwatches

You can earn 50x bonus CT Money for an Apple Watch Series 9

SportsChek, a store known for athletic clothing, accessories, sports gear, and equipment, also sells smartwatches. From now until November 27th, these devices will be on sale; further, you can earn additional CT Money on Apple Watches.

Check out SportsChek’s website for more of its deals.

Reported by iPhone in Canada, beginning on November 16th and running until November 29th, Sports Check will offer 50x bonus CT Money on the Apple Watch Series 9, Series 8, Ultra 2, Ultra and SE. According to the report, when you get 50x back in CT Money, it’ll work out to about 20 percent back in cash, which you can spend at participating retailers.

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Source: iPhone in Canada