Businesses can now turn their Android devices into payment tools through Square

Tap to Pay on Android allows businesses to make sales through contactless payment methods

Financial platform Square has launched a new feature allowing businesses to accept payments through Android.

“Tap to Pay on Android” doesn’t require the purchase of additional hardware and accepts contactless forms of payment through credit cards or digital wallets like Google Pay.

“Our launch of Tap to Pay on Android brings to Canada a unique technology that will benefit millions of sellers globally, giving merchants a simple way to accept payments and access world-class, integrated software for their business,” Alexis Sowa, general manager of Square Point of Sale, said in a press release.

To use the feature, all a business has to do is open a Square point-of-sale app, enter the payment amount, and hand their smartphone to the customer.

“Even though Tap to Pay technology has only been available for a short time, the breadth of applications and use cases we’re seeing across our seller base already reinforce its staying power,” Sowa said.

The feature is available to new and existing Square sellers in Canada through the Square Point of Sale, Square Appointments, Square for Restaurants or Square Invoices apps.

Image credit: Square