Razer unveils Synapse upgrades, Aether smart lights and more

The company also showed off a Lamborghini x Blade crossover

Gaming accessory maker Razer is back with its fourth annual Razercon event, where the company unveiled updates to several products and software as well as some new collaborations.

First up, Razer unveiled improvements to its Synapse software on PC, promising faster installations. Moreover, Synapse should be less resource-intensive than before. Alongside these updates to Synapse, Razer will split its Chroma software for controlling RGB-equipped peripherals into a standalone app so people don’t need to install Synapse if they only want Chroma.

Speaking of RGB, Razer detailed its new ecosystem of RGB smart lighting to extend your RGB PC glory to your whole room.

The new smart light system includes the Aether light strip, Aether light bulb, and Aether Lamp and Lamp Pro. The new lighting hardware is compatible with Matter and works with Alexa and Google Home and Assistant. Naturally, it also hooks into Razer’s Chroma app and there’s a new smartphone app to control the Aether lighting hardware.

Also of note is Razer’s new ergonomic mesh gaming chairs. Gaming chairs often get a bad rap for not being particularly ergonomic, but Razer hopes to change that with its new Fujin line of chairs. Available in regular and Pro variants, highlights include durable, breathable mesh, synchro-tilt and tilt-tension control, 2D lumbar support, and more.

The company is also revamping its Huntsman keyboard line, with V3 models arriving in early- to mid-October.

Razer unveiled some interesting new partnerships as well. These include a Lamborghini crossover with its Blade laptop and a Dolce & Gabbana crossover with some Razer accessories.

The new Lamborghini Blade will sport orange accents and Lamborghini styling. On the inside, it boasts an Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU and an Intel Core i9-13950HX CPU. Razer says there will only be 150 units available and they cost $4,999 USD (roughly $6,732 CAD).

As for the Dolce and Gabbana partnership, it will see Razer’s Barracuda headset refreshed in black and gold with Dolce and Gabbana styling. Similarly, Razer is launching a Dolce & Gabbana version of its Enki Pro gaming chair.

There will only be 1,337 units of both Dolce & Gabbana items available.

Alongside the reveal, Razer teased a concept version of its Enki Pro chair that replaces the gold Dolce & Gabbana inlay with RGB. Because why wouldn’t you want RGB on your gaming chair?

Notably, that last one is just a concept, so you won’t be able to get your hands on it.

Images credit: Razer