Freedom rolls out $34/10GB promo plan on its 4G network

The limited-time offer is part of a lineup of plan changes

Freedom Mobile has made several changes to its lineup of plans.

The company has rolled out a $34/10GB promotional plan on its 4G network. The price tag includes a $5/month digital discount that comes when customers set up autopay.

According to Freedom’s website, the offer is only available until August 28th. Customers can either get a new device or bring their own.

Freedom’s 4G plan options as of August 25th.

The company has also made changes to its 5G plans. MobileSyrup previously reported Freedom offering a monthly credit on its higher-priced 5G plans for customers who bring their own phone.

Freedom has now added a monthly credit to its lowest-priced plan in the category. The previously priced $45/30GB plan now costs $40 with a $5/month credit for 24 months.

Freedom’s 5G plan options for customers who bring their own device as of August 25th.

The deal ends on August 28th. However, at the time of writing, Freedom’s website doesn’t list a similar expiration date for the discount on its other two 5G plans, stating those are available “for a limited time.”

Freedom has added the same expiration date for the 30GB 5G plan option for customers who bring their own devices. Given the plan’s only discount is associated with setting up auto-pay, which is available on all plan options, it’s unclear what exactly that means and if the company will remove the option in its entirety.

Freedom Mobile’s 5G plan options for users who buy a device as of August 25th.

More information is available on Freedom’s website.