Fido goes back to $45/40GB plan [Update]

The $40 version didn't last long

Update 08/23/2023 at 9:04am ET: It looks like Fido has rolled back the $40/40GB offer. The provider went back to the previous $50/40GB plan ($45/mo with automatic payments) and added a $67/mo 45GB plan ($62/mo after automatic payments).

Rogers flanker brand Fido has switched up its 40GB LTE promo plan. The plan is now available for $40/month, $5 cheaper than before, but requires a more complicated set of credits to achieve.

Fido joined Koodo and Virgin Plus in offering a $45/month 40GB LTE plan this week. At first, the Rogers-owned provider listed the plan as $50/month, reduced to $45/month when customers sign up for automatic payments.

Now, Fido’s website lists the plan as $67/month, which is what it cost prior to the initial $40/40GB offer.

Fido’s $40/mo 40GB plan as of August 22nd, 2023.

To get the plan from $67/month to $40/month, customers need to stack a $17/month discount (itself composed of separate $5/month and $12/month discounts), another $5/month bill credit (which will appear starting on the second or third invoice) and the $5/month automatic payments discount.

While the cost is cheaper than before, the $5 and $17 credits only last for 24 months, which means after two years, the plan jumps back up to $62/month (the cost after the $5 auto pay discount). Plus, you’ll pay at least $62/month for the first few bills before the discounts kick in.

With that in mind, I’d strongly recommend that anyone considering this plan be prepared to switch carriers within that 24-month timeframe to avoid a significant price hike.

At the time of writing, both Koodo and Virgin still offered $45/40GB plans — it’ll be interesting to see if either provider follows Fido in dropping the price to $40.