Bell offering fibre internet deal for $40/month at the CNE

Success rates may vary

Bell is reportedly offering its Fibre 1.5 internet at $40/ a month for two years.

According to a post on Red Flag Deals from user ‘atyy0132,’ a Bell rep offered them the deal at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE). The user notes they weren’t asked if they were a Bell customer before the rep made the offer.

Going to the CNE to track down the deal isn’t the only option, as calling a Bell rep is also possible. However, it’s important to know success rates may vary.

Some of the comments under the post show some users had success with the offer.

User ‘SickDeast’ wrote they were able to sign up for this deal. They were told their confirmation email would show 1.5Gbps for $50/month, which will change after a manager provides approval.

However, user ‘johncraven’ posted they were offered 1.5Gbps for $50/month, with no contracts or time limits.

Some have stated they have been able to get the deal as an existing customer, while others have stated they’ve had to open new lines in the significant other’s name.

While it’s clear the mileage will vary on this one, calling a Bell rep might be worth a shot.

Source: Red Flag Deals (atyy0132)