Koodo, Fido, Virgin Plus had $45/40GB LTE plans

The plans largely replace $45/mo 30GB plans the providers previously offered

Koodo, Virgin Plus, and Fido logos on smartphones.

Koodo, Fido and Virgin Plus are now offering a $45/mo 40GB LTE plan.

The three flanker brands appear to have replaced previous promotional plans with this new offer over the weekend.

Koodo’s $45/40GB plan as of August 21st, 2023.

To start, Telus-owned Koodo dropped its $45/mo 30GB and $62/mo 40GB plans in favour of a new $50/40GB plan. The old $62/mo plan had a $325.44 bill credit that was split up over 24 months, which worked out to customers paying about $48.44/mo for the 40GB plan.

Now, the $50/40GB variant includes a $135.60 bill credit, which means customers pay about $44.35/mo after factoring in the credit.

Unfortunately, Koodo dropped a few other plan options too. It doesn’t have any 30GB options now. The provider also removed its $75/mo 60GB plan, though that’s likely because it has a promo on its $65/mo 5G plan that doubles the data from 30GB to 60GB. There’s a $271.20 bill credit on that plan, bringing the price down to $53.70/mo.

Fido’s $45/40GB plan as of August 21st, 2023.

Update August 22nd, 2023 at 9:46am ET: Fido dropped the price of the 40GB plan to $40/mo, but customers need to stack a few credits to get that price. Learn more here.

Rogers-owned Fido also has a somewhat complicated plan set up now. Its $67/mo 40GB plan was replaced with a $50/mo 40GB plan. To get the $45/mo price, customers need to sign up for automatic payments, which reduces the monthly cost of the plan by $5/mo.

Fido still has its $50/30GB plan as well ($45 with automatic payments). It’s not clear how long it’ll stick around, though, given that you can get an extra 10GB of data for the same price.

Virgin’s $45/40GB plan as of August 21st, 2023.

Finally, Bell-owned Virgin Plus went the simplest route and simply dropped its $50/40GB plan and turned its $45/30GB plan into $45/40GB. Virgin doesn’t have any complicated bill credits or automatic payment discounts affecting the price, though the plan is only available for new activations.

Ultimately, Koodo’s plan is technically the best price at $44.35, but if you’re planning to hold on to the plan for more than two years, it might make more sense to go with Virgin.