Refunds on more Air Canada flights now possible thanks to Hopper partnership

'Cancel For Any Reason' coverage will act in addition to Air Canada's regular refund policy

Air Canada has announced a partnership with Hopper, a travel booking company based out of Montreal, that will give passengers “more freedom and flexibility when travelling.” The new ‘Cancel For Any Reason’ feature allows you to opt-in to receive instant refunds on your Air Canada flights for any reason, in exchange for a small upfront fee.

The next time y0u book a flight on Air Canada’s Canadian site, a prompt will offer you Cancel For Any Reason coverage. The additional fee is not a set price and varies from flight to flight.

Image Credit: Air Canada

Not all fares are eligible for Cancel For Any Reason. If you choose a Standard, Flex, Premium Economy Lowest or Business Class Lowest fare, you are eligible. You also need to cancel the flight at least 24 hours in advance to receive your refund.

If you want Cancel For Any Reason coverage, you can select one of two options: an 80 precent or a 100 percent refund. The tradeoff is that the fee for 80 percent option is smaller, but if you really do need to cancel your flight, you get less of your money back.

Keep in mind that Cancel For Any Reason acts in addition to Air Canada’s standard refund policy, which you can review below. Certain fares are already eligible for a refund. Also, all fares are refundable without Cancel For Any Reason coverage, regardless of type, if the plane was cancelled or delayed by Air Canada.

Source: Air Canada