Starfield will dominate your storage, needs 10 times more than Skyrim

Starfield releases September 6th, so you'd better start freeing up storage space


Starfield will need an almost unbelievable amount of space to install on your gaming device of choice. Brace yourself, and get ready to delete a lot of indie games you swore you’d get around to.

Starfield will need up to 140 gigabytes of disk space.

Let’s compare that number to Bethesda’s other recent RPGs, shall we? Skyrim: Special Edition (the version that includes all the DLCs) asks for at least 12 GB of storage free when installed via Steam. A player who installed around 250 mods got Skyrim up to 27.6 GB. Fallout 4 is newer and slightly bigger. The base game requires 30 GB on a PC and between 28 and 39 GB on a console.

Any way you spin it, Starfield will be substantially more sizeable. It looks like console players will take an easier (though still devastating) hit, only needing 126 GB of free space.

If there’s one source of relief, it’s that you can preload Starfield. The game went gold (meaning, its development wrapped) on August 16th. Console players can start preloading on August 17th, while PC players will have to wait until August 30th.

Starfield will release in full on September 6th, 2023 for Xbox Series X|S and Microsoft Windows. We can only hope that its massive size translates to an engaging and attractive gameplay experience.

Source: Tom Warren Via: Kotaku