Google Files app getting redesign Nearby Share interface

The new Nearby Share tab offers quick access to nearby devices and sharing suggestions

Google is working on an update to its Files app that will redesign the ‘Nearby Share’ tab to make it easier to use.

The Files app has had a Nearby Share tab for a while now, which gives users quick access to Android’s AirDrop-like sharing feature in the same place as their files. After all, chances are if you’re looking at a file, you might want to send it to someone too.

As spotted by the Google News Telegram channel, the redesign of Files’ Nearby Share tab would split it into three sections. The first section, ‘Receive Files,’ gives users a way to quickly make their phone visible to nearby devices for sharing.

The next section shows a list of nearby devices that you can share files to. Tapping a device opens a list of files to transfer.

Left: Current Nearby Share tab in Files | Right: Redesigned tab (Image credit: Google News Telegram)

Finally, there’s a new ‘Sharing suggestions’ section with a list of recent files. Users can tap an expand button to view the files, or a send button to start a Nearby Share file transfer.

Google News notes the design is still a work in progress and several buttons aren’t functional. Still, when it arrives, it seems like it will improve on the existing Nearby Share implementation, which is basically just a ‘send’ and ‘receive’ button.

Source: Google News Telegram