Bell’s request for CRTC intervention on TTC wireless matter ‘simply unnecessary,’ Rogers says

Bell originally argued 'public interest' warranted intervention

Rogers is asking the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to dismiss Bell’s application for intervention in bringing wireless access to the TTC.

Bell’s June application asked the commission to block Rogers from giving its customers wireless access first before granting the same to other carriers. Bell also asked the CRTC to create a regulatory framework, arguing the intervention was needed for the “public interest.”

In its recently submitted reply, Rogers’ said Bell had no basis for its requested relief, calling it “inappropriate, unprecedented, and simply unnecessary.”

“This application is a distraction from the work that must be undertaken to modernize and expand the wireless network,” Rogers said in its July 17th reply.

Freedom Mobile is the only carrier to offer service for Toronto subway riders. The company entered an agreement with BAI, which Rogers took over earlier this year.

Rogers says it has presented Bell and Telus with a proposal negotiation based on the current agreement between BAI and Freedom.

Rogers calls this model “appropriate,” stating it will provide wireless connectivity to all riders, is “commercially reasonable,” and appropriate for the TTC’s circumstances.

The company has set an August 15th deadline to come to an agreement with at least one carrier. If unsuccessful, it will take part in the government’s arbitration process.

The CRTC previously rejected Bell’s request to move quickly on the matter. “Such a request may limit the ability of other potential parties to file fulsome interventions or prevent them from filing submissions altogether,” the response stated.

Source: CRTC