Jony Ive’s first hardware since leaving Apple is a $85,000 CAD turntable

The special edition turntable is limited to 250 units

After almost three decades of working with Apple, former design chief Jony Ive left Apple back in 2019.

The designer, who played vital roles in designing the iPod, AirPods, iPad, iPhone and other products, has teamed up with Glasgow, United Kingdom-based hi-fi audio equipment company Linn to create a special edition turntable, via iPhoneinCanada.

Linn’s LP-12 is an iconic turntable that is a favourite among vinyl enthusiasts. It was first released in 1973, and turned 50 this year. Ive’s collaboration with Linn aptly names the special edition turntable the LP12-50.

Ive describes the project as “a very gentle and modest project for us that was really motivated by our love and respect for Linn.” The LP12-50 is the result of nearly a year of work between LoveFrom (Ive’s firm) and Linn, who carefully examined every aspect of the original turntable and made subtle improvements. Several aspects of the turntable could not be altered, otherwise, its audio quality would take a hit.

However, Linn and Ive were able to make some changes, like swapping out squared-off components of the deck for smooth-curved corners. Additionally, they also changed the plastic rocker power button to a charcoal aluminum circle, and the team also added a custom hinge that allows the dust cover to float at any angle without resistance. The changes are subtle but elegant, reflecting Ive’s minimalist style of design.

The LP12-50 is also a rare example of a pro bono project by LoveForm, and the company has no contract or other financial arrangement with Linn. Ive says he did it out of respect and friendship for the company. “There are many things that I’ve always wanted to be able to do purely for the love of doing them,” Ive said. “And there’s a substantial percentage of our work which we do purely for the love of doing it.”

The LP12-50 is limited to 250 units and costs $85,000 CAD each. It is available for pre-order now and will ship between August 2023 and March 2024.

Image credit: Linn

Source: Linn, Via: iPhoneinCanada