How Apple’s ‘Find My’ and AirTags have changed my life

Apple’s ‘Find My’ has changed my life.

While I haven’t always been an Apple user, I’ve wasted far less time looking for my stuff since making the swap and purchasing AirTags.

I’ve used Tile’s trackers and had them attached to my keys, wallet and TV remote, but I found their Tracker app annoying to use, and the tracker on my keys died pretty quickly. On the other hand, Apple’s Find My works slightly differently and is more tightly integrated into your Apple devices.

I absolutely love this feature. Not only does Find My work with my AirTags, but I can also use it on all my Apple devices too.


Before I dive into the greatness of Find My, here’s a bit of background on myself. I’m not the tidiest, and with ADHD, I lose things often. I frequently misplace my keys and wallet. I even lost my passport in April. This is when I bought several AirTags, and I haven’t lost anything since — or at least, I can now quickly find stuff after I misplace it.

Here are two stories about how I’ve used Find My beyond the expected, “I can’t find my wallet or keys in my room, so let’s use Find My to find them.”

How I found my AirPods on the TTC

One day, I left my AirPods case on the TTC. I was pretty annoyed, as I’ve lost several Samsung Galaxy Buds Live cases and had to re-purchase both the headphones and the case several times. Lucky for me, I remembered to turn on Find My. I live near a station, so I knew the streetcar would return to me after only a few minutes.

I used Find My to identify which streetcar it was on and track the AirPods as it returned back to the stop I was waiting at. I then got on the TTC and used Find My to ring the AirPods to easily find the case, and thankfully, I got it back.


How I found my passport

I travelled to Chicago in late April to check out the Motorola Edge+. After my trip, I quickly went to the bathroom before catching a taxi. While in the car, I got a notification on my iPhone telling me that my passport was no longer with me. I freaked out, checked my bags, and couldn’t find my passport anywhere, so I left the taxi and used Find My to look for it. My AirTag with my passport was moving around, so I knew someone had it. I asked security, and the security guard had no clue, but knowing my passport was on the move, I was pretty antsy, so I moved around looking for the tag.

After asking more people, I found someone who told me the captain of the ferry boats had my passport. I was incredibly happy about this. They called over the captain, who returned with my passport. “Because I saw your passport had an AirTag, I knew you’d be coming back for it very soon,” he told me.

I use Find My every day to find my keys, wallets, AirPods and more, so if you’re someone like me who easily misplaces his stuff, I’d recommend using Apple’s Find My and purchasing your own batch of AirTags.

The AirTag is available to order from Apple’s store for $39 (single) and $129 (4-pack).

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