To delete your Threads account, you have to forfeit Instagram

Your new Threads account is intrinsically tied to the associated Instagram account, from the username all the way down to its mere existence

Threads in the App Store

Threads, the so-called “Twitter-killer” app from Meta (formerly known as Facebook), has officially launched in North America. In the first twelve hours, it managed to attain more than 15 million users (it’s currently at $30 million). Responses from users have been mixed; some are grateful to be off of Twitter, while others have criticized things like its feed, which is algorithmic, not chronological.

Some users hoped just to delete their profile if Threads didn’t suit their fancy. They were shocked to discover that to delete your Threads profile, you need to delete your Instagram account, too. Threads and Instagram are intrinsically tied; your username on Threads has to be the same as on Instagram, for example. Unfortunately, that means the best you can do is deactivate your Threads account if you still want to keep using Instagram. Meta has confirmed it’s examining the issue.

Deactivating your account means other users can’t see anything you left on your Threads profile, but it will remain in Meta’s backend. To avoid that, you’d have to go in and delete every post and reply manually. As a result, some people have chosen to forego trying the app at all.

Others have steered clear of Threads for all the data it collects about its users, aside from what they put on the platform. When you download the app, you are warned about information that will be collected, including financial details, browsing history, location, media from your device, and more. Threads is not launching in the EU yet due to its stricter privacy rules.

Those who aren’t happy with Threads may turn to Bluesky, another Twitter competitor funded by one of Twitter’s founders. Bluesky reported “record-high traffic” after Elon Musk imposed limits on the number of tweets you can see in a day.

Updated July 7th, 2023, at 12:01pm ET: The article has been updated to clarify Meta is examining the issue.

Via: Mashable