Twitter faces yet another lawsuit from ex employees

This time, it has to do with arbitration fees Twitter is mandated to pay


Twitter is facing another lawsuit from its former employees.

This time, it’s related to fees associated with new arbitration claims.

According to The Verge, the lawsuit is a continuation of earlier legal matters between the former employees and the company.

Back in November, former employees launched a class action lawsuit after they were laid off from the company under Elon Musk’s rule. However, they were forced to give the class action for individual arbitration in January, The Verge reports. A clause in their contracts requires them to use the professional services of arbitration firm JAMS.

The former employees have to pay thousands in filing fees under JAMS. It costs $2,000 USD (roughly $2672 CAD) with Twitter paying the rest. But Twitter asked JAMS to split the cost evenly between the former employees and the company. JAMS refused and said it would not process files where fees haven’t been paid.

The Verge points out one of the only ways forward is for employees to waive the rights to the “application of the minimum standards,” which would subject them to higher financial costs.

The lawsuit is asking the court to require Twitter to pay the fees JAMS requires.

Twitter has yet to comment on the matter.

Via: The Verge