Activision will battle Call of Duty cheaters with ‘hallucinations’

Activision wants to ensure that Call of Duty is a level playing field for everyone

In a never-ending battle against Call of Duty cheaters, Activision has employed a range of innovative tactics to outsmart the cheaters.

Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 developers are ramping up their efforts to combat hackers who exploit banned tools like wallhacks to gain an unfair advantage over other players, as shared in a Call of Duty blog post, via Engadget.

One of the latest measures being introduced by Activision is the deployment of ‘hallucinations’ when its systems detect or suspect a cheater in-game. These hallucinations are designed to be only visible to hackers while having no impact on regular players in the same lobby.

According to Activision, these hallucinations appear and move around like a real player, but they’re only visible to players who are suspected to be using cheats, and they essentially deceive cheaters into believing they have encountered a genuine opponent.If a suspected cheater engages with the hallucination by shooting it, that would prove that they’re actually hacking. Hallucinations would also be strategically placed in close proximity to suspected cheaters.

While Activision introduces these groundbreaking countermeasures, they have also made adjustments to their existing anti-cheat toolkit. One such mitigation, called Quicksand, which slowed down or temporarily froze Call of Duty cheaters in place, has been temporarily decommissioned. “We may revisit the concept in the future,” wrote Activision.

With the introduction of new tactics like hallucinations, Activision aims to preserve the integrity of the Call of Duty experience while ensuring a level playing field for everyone.

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Image credit: Call of Duty blog

Source: Call of Duty blog Via: Engadget