App teardown reveals Pixel Watch 2 code names, hints at similar design

There are still a lot of unknowns about the Pixel Watch 2

Google Maps navigation on the Pixel Watch

A recent update to the Google app on Android reportedly included some assets related to the company’s upcoming smartwatch, likely dubbed the Pixel Watch 2.

As detailed by 9to5Google, a teardown of Google app beta (version 14.24) revealed some details of the upcoming smartwatch, including code names, ‘Eos,’ and ‘Aurora.’

Teardowns, for those unfamiliar with the process, involve cracking open APK files and looking through the code for clues about upcoming features and products. Naturally, some of the details can be wrong, or things could change, so take the details with a grain of salt.

Anyway, 9to5 believes both Eos and Aurora refer to versions of the Pixel Watch 2 since Eos is the Greek goddess of the dawn and Aurora is the Roman goddess of the dawn. Likely the main difference between the two will be cellular connectivity, like with the first Pixel Watch.

Pixel Watch 2 ‘Eos’ Voice Match animation | GIF credit: 9to5Google

Beyond that, 9to5 noted the Pixel Watch 2 appears in relation to setting up Google Assistant and Voice Match. However, the text and animations are the same as those used for the Pixel Watch.

9to5 acknowledges that Google maybe hasn’t updated the assets to match the new Pixel Watch 2 hardware. Another possibility is that the Pixel Watch 2 looks similar enough to the first-gen Pixel Watch that Google doesn’t need to update the assets at all.

We can’t say for sure at this point since the Pixel Watch 2 design hasn’t leaked yet. That said, Google tends to stick with a design and iterate on it slightly — just look at the Pixel 6, 7 and the rumoured 8 series, which all sport similar designs. Chances are the Pixel Watch 2 will be very similar to the first-gen Watch.

Source: 9to5Google