EV charging network FLO is going with the Tesla’s NACS flow

FLO plans to allow existing station customers to add NACS on compatible stations in the future

FLO, a leading third-party electric vehicle (EV) charging network based in Quebec, has announced its intention to offer Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector across its network of chargers in Canada.

The development comes soon after it was revealed that non-Tesla electric vehicles (EVs) in Canada will be able to use some Tesla Superchargers later this year to make chargers more accessible to Canadians. Following the announcement, GM said it would incorporate Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) into its EV designs, making them compatible with Tesla’s extensive Supercharger network.

Ford also announced that its EVs will be able to use Tesla chargers in Canada next year.

Nathan Yang, FLO’s Chief Product Officer, said: “In our pursuit to offer the optimal EV charging experience for our customers, we stand with the technologies and standards that our drivers prefer.”

He added that FLO’s flexible business model allows it to adopt standards and technologies that meet its customers’ needs. FLO’s latest fast charger, the NEVI-compliant FLO UltraTM, has been designed to support NACS cables upon request from customers or site hosts. FLO also plans to allow existing station customers to add NACS on compatible stations.

FLO has about 23 percent of the Canadian EV charging market share and owns more than 90,000 charging stations across North America, mainly in Canada. It’s best known for its high station reliability, with an uptime of over 98 percent.

The company is also working to double Canada’s public fast-charging EV ports with a Canada’s Infrastructure Bank (CIB) loan commitment.

Image credit: Flo

Via: iPhoneInCanada