Nintendo is reportedly working on a Zelda movie with Universal

The Japanese gaming giant's next film could feature Zelda, Link and Ganon


Given how financially successful The Super Mario Bros. Movie was for Nintendo and Illumination, it’s unsurprising that the Japanese gaming giant is looking to bring the Zelda franchise to the big screen.

Nintendo is reportedly very close to striking a deal with Universal for a Zelda movie, according to film reporter Jeff Sneider on The Hot Mic podcast.

“From what I’m told, getting close to official, I’m told that Universal is, in fact, closing a quote ‘big deal’ with the Nintendo corporation for The Legend of Zelda,” said Sneider.

“Zelda will be, is looking like the next big Illumination Nintendo franchise, which again, I think we were all sort of expecting, but I’m told that that is happening, and it’s costing Universal a pretty penny because of the success of Super Mario, like Nintendo kind of knows it’s worth at this point, but yeah, I’m told that that is now going to be a reality.”

Beyond this, nothing else is known about the film, but if Nintendo is once again working with Illumination on the project, it will almost certainly be animated. Hopefully, it’s better than the 1989 animated take on the franchise.

Despite a mixed reception from critics, The Super Mario Bros. Movie earned over $1.3 billion USD (about $1.7 billion CAD) at the global box office since its early April release. Tears of the Kingdom, the most recent entry in the Zelda video game franchise, also isn’t a sales slouch, selling over 10 million copies in just three days. This makes it the fastest-selling game in the series.

Image credit: Nintendo (via Collider)

Via: Nintendo Life