Rogers partnering with SpaceX to provide satellite cellular services

Satellite-to-phone coverage will start rolling out in 2024


Rogers will use SpaceX satellites to provide mobile phone services to Canadians across the country.

CEO Tony Staffieri shared details at the company’s annual general meeting, stating the partnership will allow Canadians to make 911 calls in all situations, including natural disasters.

SpaceX will use Starlink’s low earth orbit satellites to provide coverage across the country. The companies will work together to provide users with the ability to text first, with voice and data services following soon after. The technology will work with 5G and 4G smartphones once it becomes available.

Rogers is also working with Lynk Global to expand their technology in Canada. The U.S.- based company has sent and received texts from space through unmodified standard mobile devices.

“These investments meant that Canadians will be connected everywhere from remote wilderness and national parks to rural highways,” Staffieri said.

U.S. carrier T-Mobile announced late in August 2022 that it would partner with Starlink to offer cellular service in “select areas.” The T-Mobile plan involves using second-gen Starlink satellites, which can broadcast mid-band PCS spectrum in the 1850-1990MHz range. While we don’t yet have all the details, Rogers likely will leverage the second-gen satellites and a similar slice of spectrum for its satellite coverage.

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Source: Rogers