Fido increasing internet rates by $3/mo for some customers

The provider put a notice about the incoming price increase at the end of customers' bills

Rogers flanker brand Fido warned some customers that their internet service price will increase by $3 plus tax.

According to a post on Reddit by ‘u/WSJ_pilot,’ Fido tucked a notice about the incoming increase at the end of internet bills. u/WSJ_pilot shared a picture of the notice, which says:

“On the date of your first bill after February 12th, 2023, the monthly service fee for your Internet package as shown on this bill will increase by $3 plus taxes.”

Fido internet price increase | Image credit: u/WSJ_pilot

The notice goes on to say that customers with active discounts will still get those discounts. As usual with Canadian carriers, discounts apply to whatever the base cost of the plan is, and companies remain free to change that as much as they want.

It’s not clear how widespread the price hike is. MobileSyrup reached out to Rogers for more details about the change.

Source: Reddit ‘WSJ_pilot’