Snapchat rolls out new Director Mode feature worldwide

The feature offers more camera and editing options

Snapchat users around the world can now access ‘Director Mode.’

Available to all iOS and some Android users, Director Mode features new cameras and editing tools, giving users further control over the creative process. The company says it will roll out Director Mode for more Android users in the coming months.

It can be used alongside Dual Camera, another feature Snapchat recently launched that allows users to simultaneously use the front-facing and back-facing cameras.

Director Mode can be accessed through the ‘Director Mode’ icon in the camera toolbar. Alternatively, users can select the ‘create’ button in Spotlight to begin.

See how it works in the video below.

Updated 28/10/2022 10:10am ET: The article has been updated to note Director Mode isn’t available to all Android users.

Image credit: Snapchat