Google Photo’s UI update helps you organize and share photos a lot smoother

A bottom-screen interface will allow you to share photos in no time

Google Photos

Google Photos’ new user interface will now make it easier for you to share several photos and organize your library without clicking them individually.

With a new card, which is included along the bottom of the screen, you’ll be able to select from various photos. You can quickly access Share, Add to, Delete, Order Photo, Move to Archive, Delete from device, and more.

More specifically, dragging up the bottom screen up will also let you see who to send photosto if you are using Google Photos as well as other options. However, the unique thing about it is that you do not have to waste time organizing and sharing photos one by one. Instead, multiple photos could be selected at once and fixed saving time if you need to send them on a quick deadline.

The update is supported by Google Photos 5.96 but is not showing up for all users, there is no known date on when the extensive update will be ready.

Source: Android Police