Netflix adds official ‘Short-Ass Movies’ category following Pete Davidson bit

The streamer was clearly paying attention to Davidson's latest SNL appearance

Netflix Short-Ass Movies

In the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, comedian Pete Davidson took part in a faux music video about wanting to stream “short-ass movies.”

Now, Netflix has responded to the skit by making ‘Short-Ass Movies’ an official category on its service. In it, you’ll find movies that are 90 minutes or less, including The MummyRambo: First BloodHappy Gilmore and Friday. These are organized by genre, including ‘Scary Movies,’ ‘Late Night Comedies,’ ‘Action Movies’ and ‘Crime Movies.’

In a statement to The Verge, Netflix confirmed that ‘Short-Ass Movies’ is now available on all of its supported devices. It should be noted, however, that the ‘Short-Ass Movies’ category isn’t really new for Netflix, as the streamer already has one for 90-minute films. As such, both highlight the same movies. Instead, this seems to just be a fun way to tie into a prominent comedian’s sketch.

Via: The Verge