Google Home app update makes controlling smart devices suck a little less

The app borrows its new control scheme from Android's built-in smart home controls

Google Home app on Pixel 6

Google’s ‘Home’ app should soon get much better for Android and iOS users.

The search giants have updates on the way for Home on both platforms that will tidy up the interface and simplify controls. Users can expect some privacy improvements as well.

Google detailed the upcoming changes in a Nest Community blog post (via Engadget), including screenshots of the new design. Anyone familiar with Android 11’s smart home controls in the power menu (or 12’s controls in the quick settings widget) will feel at home – pardon the pun — with the new Home app.

The new controls will let people tap devices to turn them on or off, or use a built-in slider to quickly adjust the brightness of lights. Moreover, the new controls will surface advanced options when users long-press on them.

New Google Home app | Image credit: Google

On the privacy side, the Home app will get a new settings section where users can manage privacy controls, Assistant data, and home activity. The change brings these controls to one central location, making them easier to access.

These changes are part of an update that should be rolling out this week, but Google has more planned for later this month. That update will bring improvements to the home feed, such as new automatic sorting that will surface recent and important events as well as grouping events that happen around the same time.

You can learn more about the Home app updates here.

Source: Google Via: Engadget