Apple closed out 2021 by offering the most popular smartphones in the world: report

Samsung had the second most popular offerings

Apple offered the most popular smartphones globally in the last quarter of 2021.

This is according to an analysis by Canalys. The company studies the future of technology and provides quarterly reports.

The most recent report examines trends in Q4 of 2021. Results show the iPhone 13 helped Apple account for 22 percent of all shipments across the world.

Analyst Sanyam Chaurasia wrote the company saw “unprecedented” demand in Mainland China. “In prioritized markets, it maintained adequate delivery times, but in some markets, its customers had to wait to get their hands on the latest iPhones.”

With the overall popularity of the iPhone, and new features like improved displays, the demand for the iPhone 13 was not surprising.

The company claimed the top position despite ongoing supply chain issues that cut production in the fourth quarter.

While the industry saw the impact as a whole, not everyone was affected in the same way. Nicole Peng, the company’s vice president of mobility, wrote “low-end vendors” were the most affected by supply chain issues.

Samsung held the top spot in the previous quarter. The company now represents second with a market share of 20 percent.

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi was in third with 12 percent of market share. OPPO represented nine percent and vivo eight percent.

Despite coming in second, Samsung saw its market share increase three percent compared to the same quarter last year. Apple, in comparison, saw its market share decrease by one percent.

Source: Canalys