Some Apple Watch Series 7 users reporting charging issues following watchOS 8.3 update

The Series 6 also seemed to be affected

Apple Watch Serires 7

Some Apple Watch Series 7 users are reporting experiencing charging issues with the smartwatch after updating to watchOS 8.3.

The reports, which appeared on Reddit, Apple’s Support Community and MacRumors’ forums, state that the charging problem seems to mostly be related to third-party chargers no longer working with the Series 7.

In the Reddit post below, user ‘ashfleeburgooben‘ outlines how their 3rd-party charger only charged their Apple watch by roughly 2 percent in an hour.

Some users describe a situation where the Apple Watch Series 7 charges for a few minutes before suddenly stopping. The issue doesn’t seem to be tied to a specific third-party charger brand and instead affects several companies’ devices, including notable names like Belkin. While most of the forum posts related to the issue seem to be tied to the Series 7, there are some reports regarding the Apple Watch Series 6 too.

This is the second time reports regarding Apple Watch charging issues have surfaced in the last few months, though Apple claims to have fixed the problem with watchOS 8.1.1.

For what it’s worth, my Series 7 still appears to be charging normally on my several third-party Apple Watch chargers.

Source: Reddit, Apple Support Community, MacRumors