iRobot’s Roomba j7 robot vacuum can now avoid knocking over your Christmas tree

The j7 and j7+ can also now identify shoes and socks

Roomba j7

iRobot has dropped a new update for its j7 and j7+ vacuum that allows the recently released robot vacuum to avoid Christmas trees, shoes and socks.

This is an extension of the j7 Series’ object identification software that first released alongside the new robot vacuum a few months ago. Now instead of setting up a ‘Clean Zone’ or ‘Keep Out Zone’ manually, the j7 will identify your Christmas tree (or shoes and socks) and suggest you create a zone that best suits your cleaning needs.

In theory, this should prevent the j7 from accidentally knocking over your Christmas tree or attempting to suck up low-hanging branches.

iRobot says that the update should be rolling out now. Along with Christmas trees, socks, shoes and pet poop, the j7 and j7+ (which includes a clean base) can detect and avoid cords.

Finally, iRobot also says that smart mapping features can be transferred between robots, including the i6+ and S9+, though unless you’re like me and have three robot vacuums and the Braava Jet M6 mop roaming around your house, this particular feature likely won’t be useful to you.

iRobot’s Roomba j7 costs $799 (regularly $649) and the J7+ costs $1,049.

Image credit: iRobot 

Source: iRobot