Sony patents PlayStation 5 faceplates, opens possibility of official replacements

Are themed faceplates heading to PlayStation 5, or is Sony being protective?

Sony has been granted a patent for PlayStation 5 faceplates. The design patent for the removable plates fixed to both sides of the console was recently spotted online and has since sparked debate on what Sony could be planning.

OP Attack first discovered the patent for Sony’s PlayStation 5 faceplates was granted on November 16th, 2021. However, Sony initially filed for the patent on November 5th, 2020, a week before the launch of the PlayStation 5 in North America.

The patent covers both faceplates of the PlayStation 5 and is described as an “ornamental design for a cover for electronic device.” Product developer Yujin Morisawa is credited as the inventor of the faceplates within the patent filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Earlier this year, Toronto-based DBrand found itself threatened with legal action from Sony after selling its own matte black PlayStation 5 ‘Darkplates.’ The company was so bold that it encouraged Sony to sue it, and unsurprisingly, the tech giant eventually followed through. DBrand was then forced to pull the original faceplates from its store and replace them with a new design.

PlayStation 5 owners have been clamouring for alternative faceplate options. Sony has not currently confirmed whether a black option will officially be available. However, it has started branching out. The company is presently selling a ‘Midnight Black’ version of its DualSense controller and Pulse 3D Audio Headset.

It isn’t surprising to see that Sony filed the patent ahead of the PlayStation 5 launch. The company likely had enough foresight to know third-party companies would try to offer custom designs. The real major question remaining is whether or not Sony will begin selling its own standalone faceplates, allowing PS5 owners to customize the aesthetic of their console with an official option.

Source: U.S. Patent Office Via: OP Attack